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Community Notices

Community Notices

Golden Retriever

Tuesday 27th March 2012, 8:58PM

We are looking for a GIVEAWAY,(Golden-Retriever)...I have a fully fenced home,with lots of yard.I love Dogs..Anyone out there that can't
keep there 'Golden Retriever',Would be 'Welcome here'..Must be 'Female',and Desexed..Would be taken for walks 'Everyday',Twice per day..Would be Loved & Cared for 'Unconditionally'..If you can't keep your pet,don't want to have it put down..
Please call or text me on:0411695461 Or
We are big dog lovers!!! If your movin house,or overseas,can't keep your 'Pooch'..Just remember to call us..My name is :Esther :) P.S Want Fem around 1yr old..